Between Music of India or Indonesia

Indonesia and India have almost many same factors inside the nation. Both countries get freedom from western colonization. India got independence earlier than Indonesia thus India is the first country that acknowledges the Independence of Indonesia back in 1945. What about both music style? With same multicultural and people with many kind of religions, India and Indonesia develop a different combination in music. Because I am Indonesian, I know about music genre called Dangdut, a series of music rhythm especially for majority people in the low and middle class. If you look back to the India’s music, you would see some similarities between Indonesia’s Dangdut and India’s music. How to compare them? Just see on the public video provider such as Youtube.

In spite of the fact the thousand kilometers are the distance between India and Indonesia but both countries share same interest in the many kind of music. Dangdut is not the only music genre in Indonesia. There are tons different more.

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Is BBM for Android and IOS True?

This is the most wanted news of the month is all about the way that Blackberry will make its famous Blackberry Messenger (BBM) to be available in cross operating system for android and iOS.

The famous BBM from blackberry wants to show the world that they are not afraid to workd around in the cross platform messaging service. Hence, BBM face to face in the battle for winning the billion smart phone users around the world.

According to the schedule. BBM for android will be available on 21st September 2013, 6 PM (GMT+7) and BBM for iOS will be available six hours later after the android version. Let we see how it will be.

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Reading Online Newspaper

Do you know many things about Johnny Cash?

Maybe if you are living in the last two decades you will know about him.

According to the news which I read, Johnny Cash is being immortalized on a Forever stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service.  The stamp is for honoring Johnny’s career, goes into service on June 5th this year. On that day day, his family and friends will gather at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium for a special events.

You should see how this can make Johnny Cash once again becomes popular with his memorable stuff like this stamp. Making money online can be substituted with other things like this.

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